A Good Education Starts With A Solid Foundation

Funded Projects

The Foundation seeks to fund and partner with projects that leverage a community partnership and demonstrate various opportunities for student engagement, by way of using different information delivery techniques to promote learning while presenting academic challenge. The Foundation also strives to fund projects that echo the school district’s intentions to maximize the benefits of technology while exploring sustainable financial resources.

Lake City Education Foundation Awards 2017-18 Grants

On May 31, the Lake City Education Foundation (LCEF) awarded 15 grants to the Lake City school district. LCEF grants will support students in all grade levels throughout the 2017-18 school year and are valued at over $9,300.  Multiple corporate and individual partnerships were significant in making this monetary level of support possible.  Hearth and Home Technologies, in particular, contributed support to fulfill the needs of four grants applications. Additional generous support was made by the Lake City Historical Society, Federal Mogul, the Legion Auxiliary, the Lake City Rotary Club, the Mayo Clinic Community Health Needs Assessment Fund, a gift from Mark and Cathy Nichols in addition to another anonymous donor contributed more than $5,200 combined.  The Lake City Education Foundation coupled the contributions with $4,100 generated by the LCEF endowment to meet the needs of the school district applicants.

Projects supported through grants include:

TI-Nspire Graphing Calculators – $1,434
Graphing calculators are an essential tool for engaging students in learning mathematics. They allow students to connect the equation to the graph and table to improve understanding.  Students who do not typically engage in learning mathematics find visual effectiveness and ease of analysis when using graphing calculators. This grant was awarded to Becky Houghton on behalf of Lincoln High School.

Innovation Lab (Maker Space) – $1,801
This is an expansion of a pilot project funded by the LCEF in grade 3 during 2016-2017, the 2017-2018 project will expand the Innovation Lab experience to grades 2 and 4.   The innovation lab will include materials that foster student engagement and build creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills through tinkering.  Often projects like this are referred to as development of maker spaces, innovation zones, or creativity labs and the materials found within them is as varied as students’ interests and budgets allow.  Innovation Labs can include everything from basic craft supplies and Legos to 3D printers. This grant was awarded to Tracy Oliver on behalf of Bluff View Elementary School.

Solar Telescope – $1,000
A solar telescope will allow students to directly and safely observe the sun.  Students in 8th, 11th, and 12th grades will be able to see sunspots, granulation, and prominences which are part of the curriculum in Earth Science and Astronomy.  This grant was awarded to Anna Karsten, Lincoln High School.

IXL Reading and Math Online Subscription and iPad Application – $349
IXL is a web-based program that allows teachers to assign math and reading skills which students then complete during small group instruction time. As students complete skill levels the app becomes progressively more rigorous. The IXL program tracks students’ progress and provides detailed reports for teachers.  This information is used to assist teachers with differentiating students’ skills.  The purchase of this program is a first grade classroom pilot for two of the five classrooms. This grant was awarded to Amy Heise on behalf of Bluff View Elementary 1st Grade.

Mentor Text to Support Reading Standards – $1,000
A mentor text is a piece of literature that both teachers and students can return to and reread for many different purposes. Using authors to show and demonstrate powerful writing can help young writers and readers to see the strategies and skills that they are encouraged to develop. This grant will supply copies of the mentor text to all four third grade classrooms. This grant was awarded to Brooke Bitzan on behalf of Bluff View Elementary 3rd Grade.

Children’s Theater Company presentation of “The Lorax” – $600
This grant will allow the 3rd grade students will experience a cross discipline unit on “The Lorax.” Attending a perfromance by the Children’s Theater Company (CTC) will be the final component in the unit which will study science (ecosystems, conservation), language arts (sequence of events, cause and effect, main idea, 1st person vs 3rd person narrative) and music (performance reflection, use of space on stage, music to support a main idea). Students will also be part of a question and answer session with the professional cast.  This grant was awarded to Amy Rogness on behalf of Bluff View Elementary 3rd Grade.

Frac Track Manipulatives – $179.70
The Frac Track is a color-coded, dry-erase card that gives students a hands-on and visual representation of fractions. This grant will purchase 30 cards and was awarded to Jen Baures on behalf of Bluff View Elementary 5th Grade.

SMART PE – HR Monitor Straps – $580.56

This grant continues to support the use of heart rate monitors in the physical education classroom. Initiated two years ago, the montiors have offered individualized learning for students. One hundred new wristbands will be purchased through this grant awarded to Tom Horner and Mary Mann of Lincoln High School.

Bluff View Math and Reading Night – $300

This grant supports an evening event where parents and students come together with their teachers and play reading and math games across all grade levels. The objective of this evening is to foster parent involvement in their child’s education.  Each grade level has two teacher representatives who engage the students and parents in a strategy-based reading or math game which may be played at home. Parents are taught simple strategies to encourage their children to work on reading and math. The students and parents also have a chance to visit the technology station to read and play a variety of games. Each student that participates receives a free book and has the opportunity to win a board game to play at home with their family.  This grant was awarded to Jacquie Stoltz and Sarah Nutt on behalf of Bluff View Elementary.

Additional grants awarded support a multi-media MN Science Museum presentation about energy and matter for 2nd grade for $325 submitted by Cindy Martin. A Life Skills and Vocational Skills program for $268 submitted by Melissa Wheeler Nelson.  6th grade field trips to the Minnesota History Center, State Capitol, and Alexander Ramsey House for $1,200 submitted by Heidi Berge.  Transporting Bluff View Elementary students from Bluff View to Lincoln High School to attend the fall performance of the All School Play for $196.95 submitted by Candy Wait.

Businesses or individuals interested in future partnerships with the Lake City Education Foundation in order to fund the school districts needs are invited to contact the LCEF at lakecityeducationfoundation@gmail.com.